Style-ology #6: To Bikini or to Hijabi? That is the Question

We do our best to look our best. But for who? Whoa. Who is doing the looking? We certainly know how the President feels. And Melania and Ivanka played that part--but now that they are in a public servant position, how do they see themselves? How do women see women? Do we even know? Do we like modesty or mother attachment--breasts out for instant access should we need some milky in our day. Is a woman more than her curves and comfort? Seduction is a serious part of the divinely created woman, as in sacred, don’t mess with it! But there is also the mysterious power of the put together pattern and palate. The feminine is mesmerizing.  But here's an idea: how about we dress for ourselves now? And ladies, context, context, context. There is a time and a place.

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Style-ology #5: Dress Like a Woman

This week we have all been instructed by the President to Dress Like a Woman.

Apparently Mad Men make Nasty Women. Dress like a woman Mr. President? Like Melania? Metal bikini or with assault weapon? Or Jackie O costume? Actually, maybe Melania has some good ideas. It seems weaponry and armor may be quite appropriate. Here is the exhilarating range of our First Lady and some extra fabulous armed ideas for how to style your own sojourn into super woman.

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Style-ology #4: Bi-Dressual

Well since we are all wearing our pussy cats on our heads these days, why not add a metaphorical phallus or two into your wardrobe? Hey, we are for equality, and that means wearing all genitals equally. How about baggy low crotch pants with suspenders to make room for those big balls we've all grown? Wear it with a cool rooster t-shirt that says cock-a-doodle-who? Perhaps even a fedora. Or chaps and a corset. Or keep the beautiful dress and add a cowboy hat and boots.  Just remember: equal air time for all exposed privates.

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Style-ology #3: Super Spy Wear

Purchase and adorn immediately romantic or archaic piece of Russian Empire low-neckline corseted lace or fur trimmed hat with cape fatale. Or for an Eastern dinner look, a nice fitted dress with Mandarin collar. Go geisha with red lipstick. Feeling the need to look internationally fearsome? A clutch with brass knuckles or steel tipped stiletto boots completes the look. Metal plated panties included.

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